Exporters of U.S. manufactured process control instrumentation

Exporters of U.S. Manufactured Process Control Instrumentation

Control instrumention for Food and Dairy, Pharmaceutrical, Water Treatment, Irrigation, Utility and Power, HVAC, Motor Feedback and Control, Pumps, Compressors, and Cooling Towers:

  • Thermostatically Controlled Valves
  • Encoders, Resolvers, Timers, Counters
  • Pressure Switches
  • Level Transmitters
  • Flow Meters
  • Vibration Switches
  • Signal Conditioners
  • Digital Pressure Gaugers
  • Check Valves
  • Recorders and Controllers
  • Pneumatic Switches
  • Energy Meters
Sample Maida International products Sample Maida International products Sample Maida International products Sample Maida International products Sample Maida International products
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Why Maida?

Since 1988, why do hundreds of international dealers, engineering companies, trading companies and OEMs buy from Maida International?

  • We hold exclusive rights to several US process control brands.
  • We support and protect our dealer network and OEMs.
  • We are 100% dedicated to the international market.
  • We are 100% dedicated to process instrumentation.
  • We integrate multiple products into one import and payment.
  • We honor factory warranties and facilitate returns and repairs.
  • We offer competitive prices on product and freight.
  • We accommodate special requests in the preparation of documentation and handling of payment and/or commission.

Maida International

The international link between U.S. manufacturers and end-users around the world.

Maida International functions as the EXPORT SALES DEPARTMENT for several U.S. manufacturing companies including Robertshaw, Danaher Controls and Barksdale. Many U.S. companies make high-quality instrumentation, however, some are not equipped to meet the special needs of the international agent and customer. Maida International is engineered to support the international dealer, engineering company, systems integrator and OEM.

For over 30 years, Maida International has provided international agents and customers access to a variety of U.S. product lines. Our factory-trained engineers in our New York facility build process solutions to end-user specifications. We deliver complete, accurate and competitive proforma invoices ready for technical and commercial consideration. Beyond access, quotations and pricing, Maida International supplies the agent and end-user critical support services such as sales financing, technical support and promotional assistance.

A partnership formed with Maida International eliminates the costly, time-consuming and sometimes frustrating process of communicating with several U.S. factories. Our service permits agents to build a strong, satisfied customer base and end-users to produce higher quality, profitable products.

For U.S. manufacturers we...

Buy for resale overseas, thereby eliminating the collection of foreign receivables
Promote U.S. products by means of travel, advertising and participation in international trade shows
Eliminate the need for special export documentation and preparation
Expert Handling
Provide expert handling of technical and commercial international inquiries on a daily basis
Maida office

Why U.S. manufacturers use Maida for exports:

Maida International has invested over 30 years refining it's ability to satisfy customer demand across business, country, and cultural borders. As a provider of end-to-end managed global sales channels for U.S. manufacturers, we have a proven track record for generating profitable revenue growth and improved product loyalty. Through our established network of international agents, we offer instant access to world markets.

Our organization consists of an administrative center in New York and a responsive network of technically qualified international sales agents and distributors specialized in process control instrumentation and related industrial products. Our New York staff includes customer service and product specialists as well as export documentation, sales financing and global distribution specialists who manage the commercial aspects of each international transaction. Clients see a promptly quoted, attractively priced, name brand product, delivered, installed and serviced by capable in-country agents.

A critical service for any clients is after-sale support. Maida International's network of local agents not only supports new clients, but generates significant repeat business. U.S. manufacturers see the virtual elimination of foreign receivables, increased international orders, and profit-protected revenues bookable at the time of order.

Creating and managing international sales channels has been Maida International's core business for over two decades. We build into every business decision and relationship a commitment to maintaining our principals' high standards of accuracy, quality, and service.

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We are the official export source of these fine U.S. made products since 1988...


Industrial Control Valves, RF capacitance based level systems, vibration monitors, regulators and heater packages

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West / Partlow

Circular chart recorders, indicators, & controllers, DIN sizes, CE approved

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Sherwood / Superior

Air conditioning and refrigeration ball, line, check, relief, angle valves and filters

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Data Industrial Division of Badger Meter Inc.

Impeller flowmeters and BTU transmitters for industrial, irrigation and HVAC applications

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Anderson Instrument

Gauges, thermometers, transmitters, recorders, controllers, RTDs, level systems, HTST. Specifically for sanitary & pharmaceutical applications

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Barksdale Control Products

Rugged pressure switches, valve and regulators, temperature, level and flow devices. CSA, UL, and ATEX approvals

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Eagle Signal / Danaher Controls

Mechanical, electromechanical and electronic timing devices

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Veeder-Root / Danaher Controls

Impeller flowmeters and BTU transmitters for industrial, irrigation and HVAC applications

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Harowe / Danaher Controls

Rugged, noise resistant housed and brushless resolvers for heavy duty construction in tough conditions

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Northstar / Danaher Controls

Encoders, Tachometers, Motor Ring kits

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Dynapar / Danaher Controls

Industry leader in the design and manufacturing of motion feedback control devices including rotary encoder products and brushless/frameless resolvers

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Hengstler / Danaher Controls

Industrial components for counting and control applications. Counters/timers, encoders, industrial and temperature controllers, relays, and printers and cutters

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Absolute Process Instruments

Signal conditioners, standard plug-in, DIN & loop powered. Inputs: RTF, DC, AC, thermocouple, frequency, potentiometer, strain gauge

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Check-All Valve

In-line check valves, 1/8" NPT to 20" flanged valve connections, full vacuum to 10,000psi

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API - Camille Bauer

Signal Conditioners, Power Monitoring and Rotary Position Transducers

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I/P transducers, precision air pressure regulators, diaphragm air cylinders

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CECOMP Electronics

Digital pressure Gauges, Pressure Switches and Vacuum Gauges

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Dwyer Instruments

Comprehensive range of sensors, transmitters, valves, controllers, switches for most process applications. Mercoid / Love/ W.E. Anderson / Proximity

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GPI / Flomec

Turbine, oval gear, nutating disc and ultrasonic flow meters for all liquids. NIST traceable, 3A, FM, CE, ATEX, IECEx approvals

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Joslyn Clark

AC and DC contractors, medium voltage controllers, medium voltage vacuum contactors and combination starters

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